November 14, 2022

What makes a great match in heaven !!

What makes a great Match?

While It is beneficial for you to provide your matchmaker with as much personal information as possible, Matchmaker really do listen and understand your needs ,wants and desire, if you can let go of the need to control your love -destiny and place your trust in the hands of an experienced, professional matchmaker who looks at peoples objectively and matches based on core values and personality qualities ,you will reap the benefit many times over.


Match Made in Heaven!!


Following are quotes from different Matchmakers on what they think constitutes a match made in heaven

“A good Match consist of common interest, friends, and goals”

n  Anne  Teachworth, Perfect match inc

“A good match consists of common values, goals, and mutual chemistry”

                                                        ----- Leora hoffman, Hoffman associates

“A good match is all about chemistry, Chemistry is an intangible that no one can account for- It could be a “banter,” a smile, or a smell, you can never know”

n  Jenis spindel’s

n  Serious matchmaking company


“good matches come from shared values, being in the same state of life, and sharing some common interest, Additionally, knowing whether you want someone who is opposite, similar , or complements you ……. Everyone is looking something different, and a matchmaker is in unique position of knowing what their client is looking for.”

                                                                         Palm and Scott Stowell, Lunch Appeal

“A good match is about finding someone who is compatible, shares the same relationship goals, compliments your personality, and who is a good balance for you. Also, try and find someone who you can laugh with. It is your sense of humor that will keep you going, and ice it off with the indefinable chemistry.”

-          Rob Anderson, Club Elite