May 21, 2021

Compatible relationship essential

In order for two people to thrive in a relationship, people need to be compatible in four key areas: - Personality, Physical Attraction, Chemistry, and Love.



Each person’s personality is unique. The personality fit each of us wants in a partner is different from that of every other person because there are so many attributes and so many individual desires and needs. So, it helps to be as specific as you can with your matchmaker about what personality you want in a partner. The important personality traits to consider -

Affectionate, assertive, calm decisive, disciplined, energetic, follow rules, handles, adversity well, career ambition, high maintenance, high sex drive, honesty, independent, industrious, intelligent, kind-hearted, humorous, optimistic, private, proactive, religious, saver, social, spiritual, talkative, worldly.


Physical Attraction:

Everyone has a sense of their personal “type” when it comes to physical attraction. There are several attributes to help you prioritize by - eyes, hair, smile, lips, teeth, nose, skin, height, body, sex appeal, pretty/handsome, all of these define the outer beauty of the person. So, for example, if you can tell your matchmaker a level of important keys of physical element would serve as a useful tool in helping to find you a potential partner. So remember to try and be flexible as possible and be open to your matchmaking suggestion.



Chemistry is not something you can plan for but it is not also as black & white as people think. There are actually several categories of Chemistry, we can have a high level of chemistry with a person in one category and a low level with that same person in one category. The category of chemistry are as -

Verbal Communication, non-verbal communication, desire to be together, ease of getting along, sexual compatibility, and level of influence each other.

You and your matchmaker can receive the areas of chemistry you feel with each date to help you begin to understand what areas are important to you as well as what areas you shine.






If all goes perfectly, you will fall in love! Love is defined as the state of deep feelings of affection and emotional intensity towards a potential or current match. It’s like chemistry with high level and low level with the same person in different categories. It’s very important to discuss their feelings of love with your matchmaker as you progress in a relationship before putting your contract membership on hold. Your matchmaker will always be there for you while searching for the ideal partner.



It is always helpful to rely on your matchmaker’s expertise because a Matchmaker really does listen and understand your need, wants, and desires. If you can let go of the need to control your love, destiny, and place your trust in the hands of a professional matchmaker like NRN Match, who looks at the people objectively and matches based on your love, values, and personality, you will reap the benefits many times over.