September 25, 2021

Attire And Jewellery For Nepali Wedding

Whenever anybody starts to plan their wedding, most of them particularly have a plan and budget on exactly how much they are actually going to spend on their big day. There might be some who want to have a small wedding with their near and dear ones while others wish to have a big and lavish type of fairy tale wedding. When it comes to a Nepali wedding, despite the sheer variety in culture, one thing that almost remains constant is color. In every Nepali wedding, the most dominant hues are red and green as they speak about love, tradition, and vitality. Here in this blog, we are going to talk more about the attire and jewelry for a Nepali wedding and check all the top boutiques in Nepal.

Attire And Jewellery For Nepali Wedding

·         Dress and Color Code: Much similar to that of their Indian counterparts, most Nepali brides either opt for golds or bright reds, especially for their wedding outfits. Typically, in most cases, Nepali brides wear sarees, dotted with sequins and embroidered with golden threads. Also, green borders seem traditional adding a pop of color. Anybody can try looking for a similar Nepali wedding dress in some of the top boutiques in Nepal.

·         Jewelry: In most Nepali weddings, jewelry seems to be on the modest side with only a handful of gold chains, bangles, maang tikka, and earrings. Nepali bride also ties a red tie on top of their hair buns. This bobble is mostly adorned with sequins and some woven wired decorations. Mostly they are red and might contain golden and green accents.

·         Wearing Mehendi: Mehendi is a must when it comes to a Nepali wedding. Having henna night preceding the wedding, most Nepali brides have several intricate Mehendi designs right till their ankles and arms. This is a fairly common tradition among all Nepali tribes.

How To Find The Top Boutique In Nepal For Wedding Attire?

There are several top boutiques in Nepal especially known for women's wedding attire. While traveling from Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Ashan you can easily find a dozen of boutiques. Also, the elegant sarees, gowns, lehenga are affordable and exquisite. Also, you can find some boutiques famous for cotton dresses, pashminas, traditional Nepal dresses, etc. Some other places where you can find top boutiques in Nepal are Durbarmarg, Lazimpat, Bagbazar, etc.

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