NRN Match is the platform where two souls meet and true love blossoms. At the heart of NRN Match is the belief that while love is universal, the way people meet, court, and develop relationships is far from it. Our Nepali nationals are spread all over the world and we want them to find out about other people from their community so that they can be joined in holy matrimony. Selecting your matches is not only our job it is our passion!


            We are a Non-Residential Nepalese No. 1 Confidential and Personalized Handpicked matchmaker based in the USA. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire us:


1.     Fully interviewed and screened: 

            Our expert CRO would first take a serious intake interview of the candidate. The interview is one of the many ways by which we map out the customers’ needs and requirements. In addition to this, the professional screening adds another safety layer to our matchmaking services which is one of the reasons why we are Nepal’s No. 1 matchmaking site.


2.     Personalized Service: 

            Our main goal is to find you a life partner and our expert is going to do just that. You will be personally attended by one of our experts until you find your life partner; customized for each client’s personalized needs.


3.     Highly Confidential: 

            We believe confidentiality is one of the key aspects that set us apart. If you want to stay discreet about your search for your soulmate, we respect that and provide you with options accordingly.


4.     Expert Opinion:

             All of our staff are experienced, trained, well versed in customer relations and are able to provide the highest-class service.


5.     High touched quality service: 

            When you come to us, you can expect the best service that you hoped for. Satisfying our clients is our number 1 priority. Our service includes consultations, arranging face to face meetings or skype meetings, dating tips, dating feedback, marriage tips, and more advice as needed.


6.     Similar Choice: 

            While choosing a life partner, having similar tastes and interest is important, and through our screening process, we are able to find out the choices and habits of all of our customers, and our experts will match profiles accordingly.


7.     Serious about Marriage: 

            On our sites, you will find people who are serious about marriage. No deception and no time pass.


8.     Avoid Net Chatting: 

            No need for online dating sites and useless net chats when you can just register on our site and we can find you your potential soulmate based on your profile and requirements.


9.     Wider choice with no time limit: 

            You can search for your life partner within your own community or beyond, we provide you with all the options. No time limits until you find your best match.


10.  Expected Life Partner: 

            When we match someone with you, you can always expect that person to be your future life partner, as our expertise and modern technology allow us to accurately provide our customer with a highly compatible life partner.